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Friday, August 18, 2006


I come from the babblingmom house...a glorious 4 day vacation in progress. Unfortunately, the babblingmom is not here. My sister, with her great timing, went into labor when I got into town so my mom had to take off after picking me up from the train station. (the less said about the train journey, the better - stuck for 45 minutes 2 miles from the station is not my idea of a good time). So, I guess I am a glorified dog- & house-sitter for the next 2 days.

But it's not necessarily a bad thing...I really really REALLY need the rest. It's been a very long, with work & all and I have been so exhausted. When I'm exhausted, I'm bad-tempered & do stupid things (spilling coffee all over a customer capped the week off -I've been running cafes on & off for 8 years & I've NEVER done that. Horrifying). So I plan on having 2 days of sleeping & relaxing.

And relaxing means...knitting! Finally, some progress.

Even if the train journey was horrid, I got a lot of knitting done on the coffeehouse sock. Ok, I concede. I LOVE short row heels. Love them. Love them. I will always use these, I was a heel flap girl but I hate picking up stitches. But the short row heel is glorious. (perhaps I should reserve my praises until I try it on) And I really like the way it looks with the Magic Stripes - somehow I managed to line the colors up correctly. Now I'm at the boring part of the sock - the foot. Doesn't it just seem to go on & on? Especially when knitting for a guy with somewhat large feet?

And I picked up the Leaf Edge Bolero last night. Like I said in an earlier post, I've been wanting some new cardi/bolero type items because it's been a lot a cooler lately (though apparently not today, it's suppose to be up towards 90 degrees).

I finally got to clean up the photo of the shawl I'm obsessed with making - I was thinking about it again after the last episode of Deadwood (BRILLIANT episode btw - I can't believe there's only 2 real episodes left - sob!) because Trixie had it on again. I must have this. I don't even wear shawls that often but man I love the way this looks. It might be crocheted, now that I look at it...but since I hate crocheting (sorry, stone me if you will), I will adapt it as a knit.

Since I have internet access here (although dial-up - ugh) I'm sure there will be more posts this weekend...I'm pretty much stuck here for 2 days, as I don't have a usable car except for my mom's big truck that I'm a bit too scared to drive, to be honest. I do miss updating this blog, but as my knititng has slacked off, I haven't had much to say...I get annoyed when knitting blogs are all about nonknitting things - once in awhile is okay but I'm sure people don't want to read about me going on & on about the CoffeeBoy in

Edited...just had to add this:
You scored as Trixie. You are a whore, and that's fine with you. It isn't a career, it is just what you do to earn money. You've done all manner of things for all manner of people, so there isn't much left that hurts your feelings anymore. The saddest thing is that you think that makes you worthless, so you deny yourself most things that could get you out of this town, or partnered with someone who truly cares for you. (Trixie is played by Paula Malcomson)



Joanie Stubbs


Seth Bullock


Doc Cochran


Alma Garret


Mr Wu


Cy Tolliver


Calamity Jane


E. B. Farnum


Al Swearengen


What kind of (Deadwood) Cocksucker are you?
created with

How funny is that? I guess I'm a real whore. But the best part...Trixie's wearing that shawl in the photo!


  • At 7:30 PM, Blogger turtlegirl76 said…

    I took that quiz the other day and ended up as Seth Bullock. Pshaw. I hate to say it, but he's one of my least favorite characters. Dunno why. But some of the readers of my transcripts have picked up on that. I write so much less description of the scenes he's in (and if I do - he "clenches" heh.)


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