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Friday, August 15, 2003

how to have a giggle fit

Go to TWoP. Click on button that says "show all episodes". Read them. Watch the damn show. After catching breath, go to Frolic & Detour for more fun.

Not really a stalker. But can appreciate good humor.

Had a nice time out. G bought me a book - the way to my heart! Unfortunatly M had make snarky little comments - eyes raised, "enjoy your book", smirk - please little girl, I'm not 12 & I won't play those stupid girl games. Still quite pleased with it - Stephen Fry's "Hippopotamus" - and it's a true first edition (British). Great fun.

Had a nice workout yesterday - and did yoga. Hooray! Glad K liked it too. Made plans for every week - Monday pilates, Thursday yoga. Must stick with it.


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