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Monday, September 15, 2003

just another day

Man, I really should update this more. I think about it, but then I don't. Pretty borring week. Actually, pretty fucking stressful week. I'm hating the job right now - I swear, I ususally love my job but now, everyone is miserable and it brings me down too. Plus I have no money - I stopped drinking and trying not to smoke too much but it's not really helping. Oh well, Friday comes and hopefully I'll have enough to pay mom some money and pay my other bills.

Finished my sweater jacket. It doesn't look bad but it itches like crazy. Maybe washing it will help. It just sucks I spent the past week working on it like crazy, listening to the Thief Lord on audio and it isn't something I'm going to wear. Jeez. Pretty damn depressing. I need to get better yarn I think. I've been looking on ebay & the internet for some good deals but I have to feel it too. Maybe I'll go to the yarn garden this week and check it out. Or maybe I should give up on making sweaters because they aren't turning out. I give up.

I've been pretty withdrawn to my friends this week too. M is drving me crazy - her & S are going out now which is so dumb. It's going to end badly and I don't want to witness it. Ah well, better than I'm doing though. Sigh. I'm going to be that crazy old maid with the cats & knitting aren't I?


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