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Monday, September 08, 2003


Sitting here listening to the beautiful rain outside. I mean, real rain, not the misting shit I hate. I love it. Of course, give it a few months and I'll be back to hating it again and desperate for the sun but right now, it's beautiful after sitting in the apt sweating to death.

Figured out why my sweaters look like such shit. I'm knitting all wrong! So fixed that and restarted my gorgeous black sweater jacket. I wanted to finish it this weekend but things came up. And I desperatly want to start on a heavier jacket sweater in this colour but 2 things are in the way - it's going to be about $80 for all the yarn I need for it and I just read on the webpage that they are being discontinued this year. Perhaps I'll go to my local yarn store and see what they have. Unfortunatly I'll be so wanting to buy everything there and I can't afford it right now. I have like $30 for the next 2 weeks.

Found out yesterday that an old friend R died last October. C is extremly upset - he had a deeper relationship with him but I knew him longer. It's hard to know what to feel as I hadn't been in contact with him in years. Both C and I spent some time crying - I pointed out that this is the first time I've known of someone in our age group who has died. We ended up walking in the rain with E yesterday and ended up at the bar - my no drinking for two weeks vow was broken a bit with a coffee with creme de cocoa and creme de menthe - I finally have a hot drink I like! E was extremly annoying. I think she got mad when C & decided to go play games at Wonderland because she hates them and went home. So we played games for like 2 hours - great fun! Got a nice workout with Dance Dance Nation and some weird bike one. Spent too much but it was worth doing something with just C alone and cheering ourselves up. Then ended up going back to the house and watching MTV for a couple of hours with J - who was also extremly annoying. She has no opinions of anything and changes her mind when someone disagrees with her. Damn. I usually get along with her better. Anyway got hooked on some dance reality show with Wade Robenson. Can't dance for shit - I can't think fast enough to follow moves - but it was fun.

Going to go knit awhile. It's a perfect day to!


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