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Monday, November 24, 2003


Has it really been 2 & half months since I updated this? I guess I haven't had anything to say. Let see, I nearly lost my job. Stupid money issues. I nearly lost my apt. Stupid money issues. Oh well, I'm back to my "overdraw your account and hope you catch up at some point" Man, I really need to learn I cannot spend money like water.

I'm trying to find a new job but jeez, all the temp agencies take a look at my 12 years of retail experience and say oh she hasn't done any office work. I guess I should change my resume to reflect more office work.

The Knit Bitch is doing pretty well. I've sold 2 scarves so far and have orders for a couple more and some hats too. It doesn't sound like I'm doing all that well but I also have been trying to make christmas gift for the fam. A sweater I desined myself for my mom, although I'm worried I won't have enough yarn for it. A hoodie jacket for my sister but I'm afraid it's too big and a backpack for my neice that I need to buy more yarn for which kinda sucks. I still have a month I guess. I think I'm just bitter because I just want to make things for myself. Wow, no Christmas spirit for me.

Actually came out of my hole this week & went out. C's birthday celebration. Saw Placebo on Sat, which was great - had VIP area thanks to SF. Got hit on at the gay bar. I think I looked hot (not something I usually say) but this guy was pretty frightening. N bought me a manicure yesterday, looks nice but the nail polish was cheap ass. C's "surprise" party last night. Spent so much time talking to his parents though, his mom is super irritating at times. Still got lots of compliments on the way I looked which felt good (because it's all about me me me!) I guess this is what happens when you actually take a little time on looks.

Hating the 6am shit I've had to do for the past few weeks. UGH! I am not the right person for this. 7am was bad enough. All I do durring the week is get up (tired), work (tired), & come home and sit (tired). I hope if I'm still in this stupid job at the begining of the year I can switch positions and go back to nights. I don't want to be a drunkard again but I'm so sick of not being able to do anything.

So that's it. Hopefully I remember to actually update this thing.


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