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Thursday, September 29, 2005

23 below

That's a song by the beautiful Jon Auer of the Posies by the way. I'm listening to my cd while I'm typing & I couldn't think of a title. It was going to be Things I Hate, but then I would just go off. I think I'm PMSing, I'm really in a foul mood, though there are good things going on.

First of all, it's getting cooler out & guess that what means? I get to break out the scraves, wraps, & hats without feeling foolish. Today I'm overboard on handknitted items - marroon sleevles top I mentioned below (with my favourite cashmere/silk cardigan that I most definitly did not make), Head warmer from Stitch n' Bitch (green cashmerno), Knit One, Purl Two scarf (out of this beautiful ribbon yarn), & the new snuggly sound system for my cd play. Too much I think but oh well.

GBF left a strange message at 4am his time, not saying much but sounding really sad & saying he loved me. It was really short. I didn't answer it last night because usually when he calls me at that time, it's usually because some song came on at the bar he's at that we both love. This was different. I called him first thing the morning & txt him a little bit later. I'm a bit worried.

I got my first non spam comment! Yah!

That shrug is going to drive me crazy, I think. I'm such an impatient knitter & doing 200 stitches in each row is so mind numbing. I worked on it for at least 5 hours yesterday (watching The Amazing Race first disc & both episodes of Lost) & gained like 2 inches. Sigh. Oh well, what else do I have to do? I'm even staying away from the yarn store...well, maybe I'll just look around...

I only have a little over a week until my vacation! Yah! I mean, it's just to my moms (especially when I'm supose to be with GBF in NYC watching Dead Can Dance) but at least it's away from here & work. I'm working today actually, which is annoying because I have split days & Thursday has always been one of my days off. But my only full time barista is on holiday so that means I get to work for her. Argh.

Okay, off to work...


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