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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Has it been almost a year?

Yes. Okay, 11 months but still. Gawd, I cannot wait until I get a computer at home. Probably going to buy the Flick's computer but jeez, I'm so broke. I bring it on myself to be honest & I am aware of it. I just can't stop spending money.

So Comic Book Guy has been stalking me. Well, that's a little harsh. Why is it that when my past lovers (god, that it's a gag inducing word) break up with their girlfriends or separate from their wives they contact me? This will be the 2nd, the first was Goth Boston Boy. But since I can't seem to find anyone interesting to date, at least CBG is good in bed & I won't have to deal with a relationship. I CAN NOT have a relationship from an idiot who fucks everything in sight. But hey, I need to get laid. And since I'm not big on the one night stands, he will do nicely.

I am very attracted to a new boy whom I'll call Lovely Shaved Head Guy. I'm probably going to make a complete fool over him. He is very attractive but I'm not sure we have all that much in common - he's a jock, likes jazz. But hey, it's someone to consume my thoughts. I haven't been interested in anyone for awhile.

So I've been knitting like crazy. Probably because I've been watching Netflix fun stuff. (Lost! So addicting). I've been taking pictures of them too, finally. GBF's scarf is so gorgeous & soft I want to keep it. It's also super expensive so he better take care of it. I can see it getting lost or one of his dumb hags stealing it. My star headband is super cute too, as well as the hat out of the same yarn. I've been designing some new stuff, but I always seem to run out of yarn. Fuck.

I don't know why I can't get the photo thing to work. I'll try later.

Okay that's enough for now.


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