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Friday, September 23, 2005

A new scarf & frogging

So I finished a new scarf tonight - like I need another one. But I like how it turned out, as modeled by my oldest friend, Jespa. I wanted a photo of it but I didn't want to pose & they never turn out just laying out. So Jespa it is, in front of my fridge. Perhaps he can model all my creations! At least the smaller items. Anyway, It's a keyhole scarf, based on the one in Stitch n' Bitch. I used the lovely merino wool (2 strands) & silk thread (1 strand) that I had tried to make a sweater for my mom a couple of years ago. I finally frogged the rest of it.
I seem to spend all my time frogging stuff I've made. Why do I always start projects & then run out of yarn? For instance I designed my dream cardigan, started it, and then realized I would run out. Sigh.Or lately I have been frogging sweaters I was so excited about but never fit right. So now I'm going to frog the cardigan I just finished to make the dream one because I still have enough of the Sirenetta grey yarn left. I hope.


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