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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Quickie Snuggler

Wow that was really quick! Here is Jespa, modeling my new cd bag. It actually looks like a purse. Anyway, I used the SoundSystem Snuggler pattern from KnitWit & added an i-cord. I hope it won't stretch out too much.Okay it's 3am & I'll finish this later.

So now it's later, I'm actually at the library. I like my new bag a lot but I really want to work on the shrug. I have The Amazing Race first disc showing up in the mail today, plus Lost tonight so I think I'll be set. The new Amazing Race was on last night, it wasn't as bad as I feared. I was worried about the "family" aspect. There were a couple of families I liked - the father & daughters, the father & sons-in-law...I'm sure there were others but I can't remember. Man, I miss have instant access to the internet. I mean I can't complain because I can still update this & check my email but I miss the message boards & being able to check TWOP immediatly. Hopefully soon.

What else? I finished Inkspell and goodnight nobody in the past week & I love them both. Inspell was really LONG but worth it. I love those books so much, and especially the audio books. I'm dying for the audio of Inkspell, like now. Brandon Fraser reads it & he made me like Dragonrider way more than I did when I actually read it. Gawd, I can't believe 3 of my favourite authors put books out on the same day. Neil Gaiman was the other but I'm going to wait a bit on that. (Too much knitting) goodnight, nobody was really fun, I think my sister will like it. It's not cool to say I love Jennifer Weiner but I don't care. I love her & her books. There I'm taking a stand against snobby lit folks. I'll even link to her blog. There.

Let's see, how about some lists.
Top 5 movies in Netflix queue:
1&2 Amazing Race season 1 discs
3 Robots
4 The Interpreter
5 Oceans 12

Last books read:
1 Inkspell
2 goodnight, nobody
3 yarn harlot (currently reading at work - hysterical)
4 Leaping Beauty
5 In Her Shoes (reread)

Current knitting projects:
1 Berraco Shrug
2 The Perfect Caridgan
3 Some sweater I can't remember with fuzzy purple yarn
4 ribbon scarf
5 socks (though I keep putting it off)

Okay that's all for now.


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