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Friday, September 30, 2005

Things I am doing to avoid The Shrug That Is Sucking My Will To Live Because It Has 200 Stitches In Each Fucking Row.

Walking to the Library in the pouring rain just to reread TWOP TAR recaps.

Wandering around Freds even tho I don't need anything.

Reading a silly knitting mystery (Died In The Wool in case you're wondering.)

Reading EW cover to cover.

Rereading Yarn Harlot especially "The Green Afghan".

Thinking that maybe I should start on Mill on the Floss, the next book on my Thursday Next booklist (all the books mentioned in the TN series).

Deciding to reread The Eyre Affair instead.

Calling mom & sister to whine about TSTISMWTL. I get little sympathy. Instead,I get my adorable 3 year old nephew asking me why I am not at grandma's to see him. Aww.

Thinking "Maybe I should try socks again...", conviently forgeting that I was born with a rare defective knitting gene that makes all my socks turn out like something out of a Gaiman novel.

Checking the only website I can really get on my phone (yahoo) & reading things I really don't care about.

Making more toys for my impossibly spoiled cat.

Writing this.

And, apparently, taking cute pictures of my cat, who is wondering why I am I working on this thing instead of making her more toys.


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