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Thursday, October 13, 2005

More new stuff

I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm back home & can't update this as often. I've added a bunch of stuff & it's fun.

I've been exploring other knitting blogs, I think I've looked at a hundred of them & getting knitting ideas. I think I'm going to order the pattern for One Skein Wonder after drooling over the completed projects over at GrrLeigh Knits's blog. I can never afford to buy enough yarn for sweaters & at least this lets me play with expensive yarn. I'm in love with her Noro OSW. I should really be working on Christmas presents, not stuff for myself! And god knows I don't need to start another project.

Still excited about the Sock Candy yarn I bought!
The colour is much prettier than what my stupid phone can pick up. I'm just making basic socks, ribbed cuff, stocking knit body, etc. It's just to see if I can do it, to see if I should make some for my sister. Although my sister will not get expensive yarn. As much as I love her, she will not take care of it. I'm already making cards to put in the kid's presents so she (hopefully) won't machine wash things. she gets superwash, although I'll get wool.

Speaking of the sis, she & the kids will be here tommorrow. So this is my last day of non stop internet. And comfortable night's sleep, since she'll be in the room I'm in now, my old room that is now her & the kids mess. I'm going to at least clean it up a little bit today.

Finished the bee slippers. Decided I do not like felting. Are they supose to look so hairy?

Sigh. They kind of came out with lint on them so I've been pulling it off. I'll keep working on them. I just realized that I do not have any pipe cleaners for the anteneas. So the poor bees will just have eye balls & wings for now.

On a non-knitting note, quiting smoking sucks. I'm fine if I don't think about it, but once I do, I feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin. UGH. I just need to think about running the 5k & buying gorgeous yarn with my ciggie money. Not too mention I want to eat everything in sight! ACK. Gawd, I'm crabby.


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