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Friday, October 28, 2005


Oh the blessed relief of my non empty bank! I can actually buy good healthy food! (no more endless meals of potatoes and scarey freezer items) And coffee! And...yarn. Because I need more things to work on. But, hey I stayed away from Lush. It was such a good day, even though I left the house in jeans with a hole in the ass (and was blindly unaware of it until I got home, although I wondered at times why my own ass was cold.)

I really am pathetically thrilled to have a full cupboard & fridge. I even wanted to take a picture of it. Man, I love Trader Joes. Real cheap and, if you get the right stuff, real healthy. I am going to make me a yummy stir fry (with broccoli, waterchestnuts, celery, onions, & bamboo with plenty of lemon pepper) for dinner & have a No Pudge bar for dessert.

For godsake, did I really write all that on my groceries? I do need to get a life.

Okay I tried not to get too crazy at Lint today. But it was difficult. Still I managed to only buy yarn for one new project, the rest was for Christmas gifts or projects I`ve already started. The newbie is another Foliage in this gorgeous red & orange blend for a scarf for myself.

I love the way my moms gift is knitting up so, since I'm selfish, I want one for myself. I only got one ball so I'll probably have to get another.

I also got another Carhmerino so I can finish my OSW. I had started it in Brick but since I don't have the dyelot anymore I decided to go with a completely different colour - a purpley slate. I can't wait to finish it!

I also got 2 more Cotton Fleece for Nephew G hat & another Foliage for the Mom project.

I have a new favourite movie - The Girl In The Cafe. God, it is such a wonderful little movie. And it has my girl crush Kelly Macdonald in it. I loved her in Gosford Park so very much. This makes up for the crappy movies I've seen lately. I also watched Batman Begins and of course I loved it. How could I not? I've always had a fondness for Batman (it is where I got my internet name from like 12 years ago). Plus Christian I've had such a crush on him since Little Women.

Random confession: I am currently obsessed with Vic Chestnut's version of The Night the Lights Went In Georgia. I have no explanation for this.
little sister don't miss when she aims her gun...

Finished Amy Tan's new book. Despite the slighty unsatisfying ending I really enjoyed. I always forget how much I love Tan's stories & characters. Now I have a trio of guys to choose from - Franklin, McEwan, or Cunningham. Oh the decision! I semi started The Truth (with Jokes) since it's essays I that I don't have to read all the way through at once. I'll probably begin Saturday tonight


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