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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

workin' on the blog

So I've been sprucing up my space here today! It's frustrating but fun. I put together a page on aohell to put my knitting works up. I'll be adding more.

I don't know if I'm super lame or super kitty lover but I spent my last $20 to drive my mom's car home & back just to bring my cat here so she wouldn't be on her own all week. Granted friends said they would take care of her but they would just come once a day & feed her. And I would worry about her. So now she's here, harassing the dogs & I am completly broke. Sigh.

Started on *M*'s scarf, I think it'll look nice. I think I used a bigger needle last time but it looks pretty good. The star (I'm only doing one instead of three otherwise it would be like a foot wide.) looks a little weird because I tried to keep seed stitch around it. I hope she likes it.

Okay, more fun with images!


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