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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yarn Crazy

So today I went to my favourite LYS Lint.I hadn't been there in awhile since Knit Purl is much closer & on my way to work. But I had the day off & KP doesn't have Brown Sheep wool for some strange reason.When I got there, the place was PACKED. One of the clerks then told me it was their 2nd anniversary & everyone would save 10% to 50% off their purchase! Lucky me! (Alas, not that lucky, I only got 10%) I was going to shop for Christmas presents anyway & boy, did I go crazy:

For my neice: Lambs Pride worsted in Lotus Pink for Fuzzy Feet Redux,Cashmerino Chunky,also pink, for a headband, and a Doppio that was already 40% off for a scarf. Of course, it is pink with darker pink & purples. How am I related to such a girly girl? But I'm crazy about her so it's okay.

For my nephew,age 3, Lambs Pride in black & yellow for these adorable bee slippers & matching hat. I've already finished one of them (mostly).

For my mom 5 skeins of Berroco Foliage in this pretty turquise/black/pink blend. (Or Aster, as I found out looking it up) I don't know what I`m going to do with it yet. Maybe make her a vest I personally hate vests but she likes them.

For my grandma Whisper & Cotten Fleece in blues for slippers.

My sister, brother in law, & baby nephew got left out of this trip.

As did I. I bought NOTHING for myself! I checked out some soy silk yarn but then I got freaked out by how much I was buying & left.

Time to get cracking on those gifts.


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