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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You Can Fight It If It Doesn't Kill You

Yet another Posies song that happened to be on my cd player as I write this. Back to the library again. Boooo. Can't wait until I get my own computer. Got a cousin of my mom's on the lookout for a laptop. Of course I could just buy Flick's computer but I would have to get a phone line. My mom has hinted at the cousin laptop for Christmas, so we'll see.

Until then I'm with the drunks, the homeless, & the undesirable at the library.

I am so achy today, after my run yesterday. I realize 2.5 miles in 32 minutes is not record breaking but it is for me. I even ran most of the time instead of walking. I still do want to do a 5k next year. I wish I could go to my PowerFlex class tonight, I do miss it but I have to close. Damn. I did get a nice workout from lugging the boxes of laydowns through the store yesterday. Thank you Amy Tan, Nicholas Sparks, & Lemony Snicket for the stiff muscles in my back.

I'm nearly done with the SockCandy Socks! I do need to fix the pattern I posted here because it really isn't that well written. All I need to do is 2 more inches of the foot & the toe. I would have finished it last night but I was literaly falling asleep while knitting. Several times in fact. I guess the run, or actually getting up at 6 am again. Or perhaps finding my all time favourite tea - Candy Cane Lane. I have been hoarding my stash of it all year & just ran out 2 weeks ago. I am going to defintily buy a lot of it before they stop selling it, it's such a perfect tea.

I ordered the OSW from Glampyre, after GrrLeigh sent me a nice note suggesting I should try it since I said I loved hers. Now what to do with it? I think I may have enough Cashmernio to do one, leftover from GBF's scarf. But I do want to more socks when I'm done. Then I need to sit down & figure out what exactly I'm going to do for my mom.

Okay, times up!


  • At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Tanya said…

    Hey Stacey, you should have much luck with the OSW - I made three. You can knock one out in a weekend, they're that easy. Nice blog, btw.


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