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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ain't that unusual

Reason #1 I wear headphones when I'm waiting for a computer on the library:

I can safetly ignore the drunk guy who sat down next to me & tried to engage me in conversation. I actually didn't know he was talking to me (I was reading a TWOP recap on my phone to pass the time - no knitting on me) until a break between songs. But I smelled the alcohal & just ignored him. He got a little annoyed & I kept hearing sexual suggestions. Lovely. There seems to be a huge increase in crazy/drunk/drugged people in Portland of late. Everyday at work, I have to deal with it. (my cafe is a favourite place to hang out). It's almost dangerous - one guy headbutted my direct manager. But he's a huge shithead, I can't feel too much sympathy.

I think I've become a little obsessed with knitting. Not that that's a huge shock to anyone who knows me but see that list of books I'm reading over on the right? Yeah that list. It's been the same for 3 WEEKS. This is terribly unusual for me, I eat books. I just haven't been reading much. For godsake, I've been reading a KIDS book for well over a week now! Gawk. I also think it's the season, I'm trying to desperatly finish christmas gifts.

Speaking of...

Started Grandma's slippers. Finished one, tried it on & discovered that for the first time in my knitting life I made something too small. Okay, this NEVER happens. So I (sigh) frogged it & started over. I really love how it's knitting up - I've got Whisper (in the color at the left) for the cuff & Cotton Fleece (Lapis) for the remainer. It's super soft & I figure an 80 year old woman would love some soft soft slippers to walk around it (I'm also adding traction to the bottom in case you were worried).

I also decided that I'm going to make some Fuzzy Feet for my sister rather than some socks. There super easy to make up & I think she would like them more than socks (my mom & I are obsessed with funky sock, my sister is not. Do not ask me why). So I'm going to Lint on my Friday (my one day off this week.) to return the remainder of the Foliage & swap it for some Brown Sheep. Haven't decided on a color yet. Although I am going to attempt some socks for my BIL. I truely have turned into a complete yarn snop. I was going to use Wool Ease but I started to knit with it & realized that it felt crappy & didn't look that great. So he gets pure wool too, probably out of the Bryspun Kid & Ewe yarn in my stash.

I've spent the week training another cafe sup all week & man is he driving me crazy. I suspect he likes me. Likes me likes me. And I am so not interested. He likes to make "clever" comments through out the training that he finds hysterical & me not so much. Plus training is really draining & I'm still trying to run my own cafe while this yahoo is following me around. Not to mention that I am working 6 days this week. (Yeah, I had to say it again, I'm annoyed). AND the shithead & flick not only have 3 days off next week (with Thanksgiving) but they have Friday & Saturday off - 3 day weekend. While me & E got screwed with only the holiday off & some other random day. Mego got screwed too, while she got 3 days off, none of them are together. Gawd, I hate the politics that go on at work. Mego's reaction to the schedule "who's ass to I have to kiss to have a weekend?" I'm super pissed off. I would have like to visit my family for thanksgiving but on that. Grrrrr.


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