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Sunday, November 06, 2005

where soul meets body...

So instead of complaining about the shithead who is now my manager, I'm going to talk about (wait for it) Knitting! Huge surprise but it's the only thing that's getting me through this. Argh, I cannot believe it, the person I like & respect least in the company is suddenly my manager. Ugh.

Okay, no more of that.

So I figured out how to sew up the stripy hat. That is, I sewed up it the way it looks. I made it look pretty decent too, which made me happy. I cannot sew for shit (which is why I love Stef's designs) so I decided instead of hiding them, I would do some mattress stitch crosses along the top. Unfortunatly I don't have a picture yet, I'm waiting to finish the whole thing.

And I had a brainstorm (while I was napping, no less. Must nap more). Instead of making some ugly vest for my mom which would only make me miserable since I hate them, why not make a Cathode for her? I had the right type yarn & I hate sewing anyway. My mom's pretty open to new thing (the big collar worries me) and I have more than enough yarn for it. If she doesn't wear it, well, at least I will still have some pretty Foliage left. And it knits up fast, at least the first part.
Pretty eh? I love how this knits up I've only got an inch left of the Foliage & then I need to practice what I'm going to use for the ribbing. Probably Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece since I have a lots of it in black. But I need to play with the gauge & the stitches since I'm not sure how it'll work. I'm very excited. And best of all, there'll be a lot left over for a nice scarf for myself out it.

So I did all this while watching Veronica Mars. How did I miss out on this show? It's great, not your typical teenage soap (which I think is why I skipped it for so long.) I spent the last couple of rainy nasty days inside watching it & knitting. With a cup of tea & my cat. When did I turn into a granny?


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