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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chasing the fall of my angel

This is Betty:

Betty is my new model for my items (sorry Jespa) She is much prettier than me, althought there was a slight accident involving her nose & my 3 year old nephew's teeth. She's a little sensitive about it, so please don't stare.

Her first modeling job is showing of the BiL's new hat:

This hat is super warm & soft - I have one out of Lamb's Pride Bulky but it's not nearly as warm as this one out of the Worsted. I'm jealous. So I will have to start it one for myself. I've decided to do wristwarmers like my PopTarts for the BiL instead of the socks.

Yes, behind Betty is my brand new bathroom! New sink! New floor! New paint! Hooray! I immediatly took a long hot bath as soon as it was completed. So very happy. Mostly because there will not be anyone in my apt but my cat & I can go home anytime I want. I'm sure the cafe I've been spending hours at will miss my $1.50 that I spend on tea everyday.

I was bad last night, I was so sad & depressed and decided I needed something new. So I started the Cardi for myself. It's going along swimingly, though I really need to finish the BiL & grandma gifts. Everything else is pretty much done.

Okay time to go to the staff "party". (actually a required meeting). Sigh. Actually I'm going to the gym because I have 2 hours to kill & that's not enough time to go home.

Thanks to candsmom & the rest of you for the comment & the emails. I appreciate it.


  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger candsmom said…

    Hooray for your new bathroom! After all the headache with it, I'm glad it's finally done. Your BIL's hat looks wonderful! Can't wait to see pics of your new cardi- you certainly deserve one for yourself! Take care. :-)


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