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Friday, December 02, 2005

Harry Potter movies make me sad

Well, the movie was exactly what I expected. It was okay, but the script made me cringe. Like I said yesterday, I would much rather read or listen to the excellent audio books. I think the casting is really good - most of the characters are similar to how I picture them but the dialogue is pretty awful & hurried. Ralph Fines has the best evil voice though.

I'm glad my mom loves them but I feel a little bad because when she asks how I liked it, I have to tell her the truth. I ended up taking my grandmother too because I felt bad leaving her on her own after asking her to drive me to meet my mom at the theater. I don't think mom was thrilled. I hate trying to be the positive one when I come down here.

I spent my day sitting on the computer, but it's what I wanted to do, work on the blog, check out some fun new knitting blogs, record these damn Harry Potter cds for mom. The reason I curse them is because they are so scratched up, I'm not even sure if they will play. The dangers of library cds, I guess.

I did work on the blog a bit - updated my completed projects pages, finally. I hate the aol pages so much - they are easy to do but they look like crap. Oh well, I got all the pictures I posted on here listed & it's all divided out. Check it out!

I also updated the links - I found some fun new blogs (new to me at least!) to add - more people I will be stalking - and organized the area.

And check out the WIPs! The list is much smaller now! I already said that I finshed both my sister's & niece's Fuzzy Feet & I completed my niece's scaf as well. Just the BILs & grandma's left. Oh and a couple of little things for the nephews that I haven't posted yet because they will not take much time - a set of mittens for C & some booties for G. I guess I should add them, I think I was getting freaked out how long it was getting so I stopped adding things.

I just can't wait to work on some sweaters for myself! I was so happy that mom's Cathode turned out so nice that I want to make something I will actually wear. I don't knw what to do first. I'm so envious of GrrLeigh's Hott Lava (go look at it right now!) that I want to make it right now. And I found this gorgeous cardi over at Comicpluto Knits! It uses Cotton Fleece, which I love, so I'm tempted. And not to mention the ones I already put in my "Things I am planning" area. Whats a girl to do?

Time for bed.


  • At 11:21 AM, Blogger candsmom said…

    I love the Fuzzy Feet and poptarts! So cute! And the Noro really looks beautiful. That cardigan on Cosmicpluto is gorgeous! More stuff to add to the queue. ;-) Take care!


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