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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What a week


Exhausting week. GBF is in town, I got to hang out with him last Thursday but I can't find my damn phone & have no way of contacting him for tonight, his last night. Ugh, I hate being such a slave to the cell.

Christmas was...well, it was good, I was so happy to be able to spend both Christmas Eve & Day with my family, which is rare. Everyone seemed pleased with the knitted gifts, although I'm NEVER making kids slippers again because all of them were too small - luckily, Nephew C's bee slippers will fit Nephew G & the Neice's Fuzzy Feet will hopefully stretch - they are just a little narrow. Beyond those hicups, everything else turned out great. The BIL talked nonstop about his hat & asked if I would make him a scarf or a neckwarmer (muffler?) too. My mom seemed to like her sweater, although to be honest, it's hard to tell with mom because she would say she loved it even if she didn't. But I think she did.

My presents were great - no knitting items or books of course but the biggest complaint from my family is that I just get that stuff anyway. Some cute flannel sheets (ducks!), a new blanket, a new watch that I will probably break in a month (I'm death on watches) & some other fun things. Best was a photo collage from my mom of me & my dad. I started bawling when I opened it. I miss him so much, my sister & I were talking that we still forget he's gone sometimes - I'll find some interesting book at work & think "oh, I should tell dad about this" without really thinking. I guess it gets easier sometime. Funniest was a Johnny Depp toy from the Corpse Bride to join my Johnny Depp action figure from Sleepy Hollow. You can never get too much Johnny D.

I also did my first order from Knit Picks. Really stupid since I'm broke, but after this is no more yarn buying. I mean it. So I got some Shine in violet for my Picovoli for the Sexy Kitters Club KAL. I was going to wait to do it, since I want to get my winter stuff done & this is a springy/summery knit but what the hell. I love the pattern. I also got some Wool of the Andes in black for the BiL project. And some Andean Silk in Leaf for...well I don't know quite yet. I got enough for a sweater so we'll see. I'm very excited. I didn't know their office was just over the river, maybe I should go beg for a job...

Tubey is coming along fabulously! I'm about halfway done with a sleeve & man, do I love this pattern & this yarn. I still haven't choosen one of the colour of the stripes. I'll post a photo soon of the ones I did choose. I wanted to finish it by New Years Eve but that is not going to happen. So I'll have to plan some celebration to wear it to when I do complete it.

Now it's time to get started on those new year goals...


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