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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hey you, get off my moon!

Man, I love this song, rediscovering an old favourite, Velocity Girl. My cd of Simpatico! was stolen a couple of years back so when I saw a coworker with it, I asked to borrow it. It brings back so many memories - I have memories listening to it driving around Seattle.

Okay, I apologize to all of my fellow Portlanders since I think I accidently cursed the weather in the previous post because it was snowing this morning! And hailing this afternoon! And they are forcpasting snow this weekend! Eek. Nothing like what they are getting on the East coast, but still, no more springtime weather for awhile.

My 2 days of hell at work are over. 9am to 10pm one day then 6am the next day. I was so exhausted yesterday I could barely function. I obviously didn't get much knitting done - I did get the stitches picked up around Leaf but that's it. I was more afraid that I would make too many errors. So I stared at the internet for hours, too tired to even move from my chair to go to bed - how ridiculous is that? Anyway, I should have Leaf finished in the next day or so. Then it's on to Super Fabulous Soy Silk Sweater. No, I don't know what I'm going to make yet. I want to make Jolie from Vintage Knits but I might wait until I get more Andean Silk. I also found this faboulous wrap but again, I might wait for more Andean. I'm not sure what to do. I want to find the perfect thing because I think I'm in love with this yarn.

I've been pretty depressed & rundown lately. I haven't been working out at all & not eating right at all and it all kinda feeds off each other (rundown so I don't want to work out, don't eat right & I gain weight & get depressed). I'm trying to get past it. It doesn't help being a singleton on Valentines Day. It's not the entire reason I've been down - I actually was asked out on 3 dates this week, which itself is a minor miracle. (1 was a long ago ex getting back in touch, the other 2 were internet ones) - but it doesn't help. And I kinda blew off all three because I didn't want to be desperate for a date just because it's VDay. I hate all the stupid pressure that goes on for VDay, but it's hard not to be affected by it. I will probably get in touch with at least one of them (mystery!) but I'm not sure I want to date anyone at the moment because I feel so lost, so out of touch with myself and my thoughts & feelings. So I might wait awhile. I just don't know at the moment.

On to brighter things. I'm loving the new book I'm reading - Manhunt! - stupid stupid stupid name but a great read. It's all about the Lincoln assassination & the search for Booth. After reading Assassination Vacation (and listening to a million times), I was wanting to learn more and lo & behold, here is a brand new, well written book about it. Maybe this will break me out of my reading funk.

Now I'm off to bed - my new goal is to get 8 hours of sleep & I've got another super early shift tomorrow. But on the brightside, it's a princess shift & I'm off by 1. And guess what I'm going to do? Workout! Finally!


  • At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Tanya said…

    I understand about feeling rundown and depressed. I am on my freakin' vacation and I can't seem to loosen up and relax, I'm so tense!!!

    So let's try, together, to get over it, somehow!

    Can't wait to see the lace-leaf pullover!


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