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Saturday, February 11, 2006

So THIS is how you spend your Saturday nights...

It is when you have a kickin' new computer!

Yes, I'm finally online when I'm not dealing with wacked out library patrons or dealing with my mom's ultra slow computer. I'm at home! With my crazy cat! In sweats! I know, you're thinking "wow, she has such a life!" Ah, I don't care at the moment. At the moment I'm trying to get more music on here other than my free downloads from some voucher I had (though I did get "Nth Degree", a song I'm completly obsessed with at the moment. Stop. Laughing.)

So anyway, knitting stuff. I finished the 2nd arm of Leaf on the drive back to PDX. (no, I wasn't driving, I'm not that crazy.) So I just of the collar left. I'm so excited, it fits really well and will be lovely for the springtime weather we're having. (although I probably just cursed it by saying that and it will probably snow now). I love this yarn, it's so soft on the skin & beautiful.

But temptation was too great. We stopped at 2 yarn shops and I broke my yarn starvation diet.

(yes, I still have the crappy camera phone)

Bad Stacey! I blame my mother. She was buying all this great yarn on sale atLint (40% off! With an additional 10%!) and it was too much when I saw this Soy Silk in a gorgeous blue in the bin. What's a girl to do? I've been obsessed with knitting with soy silk for awhile now, it's so soft & gorgeous and it was on sale and how was I going to pass it up? I'm not that strong. I'm going to make a shell or tank with it, I have about 700 yards of it. That should be enough. My mom was all about buying yarn for a tank top too, she got enough for 2 different ones, GGH Illusion and another one called Stop in a green cotton but I can't remember anything else about it. Mine of course cost more than all of hers together. Expensive tastes I guess.

At least I controlled myself at the first one we went to. But it was Ben Franklin & there was nothing that floated my boat, pricewise.

I had a lovely time with my mom, we went to lunch at Beau Thai (such a cute name) & just walked around. So nice way to end my minibreak, even though I have to go back to hell...I mean work tomorrow. A mind numbingly long day awaits me and boy, am I thrilled.

okay to knit or play on my new toy...what to do...


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