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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Big Nothing post

So my three day weekend was a huge lazy snoozefest. Granted, I needed it after the week I had but still, I'm feeling pretty slothful.

Things I did:
  • Watched Walk the Line. Eh, I liked it but I don't think it was what I was in the mood for.
  • Drank an bottle of wine & talked on the phone for 2 hours on Friday night.
  • Cleaned the apartment. Thank god, it needed it.
  • Watched a friend move in upstairs. Notice I said "watch". I may have lifted a box or two. Mostly I just whined about life to her.
  • Sat on my balcony (okay, fire escape) in the sun & knitted on Panta.
  • Realized I was going to run out of yarn to complete said Panta. I may have wept.
  • Read The King in the Window
  • Listened to a lot of Ani Difranco & Nick Cave.
  • Ripped most of my music collection to my computer. I'd forgotten how much I have & rediscovered some old favourites, like Cassandra Wilson. (Her version of "Harvest Moon" brings me to tears.)
  • Ignored phone calls from work. It is impossible for me to be out of the store for 48 hours without a phone call, apparently.
  • Napped. A lot.

Today may be a bit more ambitious. Drunken kickball & the Oscars. Woo-hoo!


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