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Friday, March 31, 2006

It's in the water, baby.

What a week.

I don't think I've had so many blows to my self confidence in such a short amount of time in...forever I guess. This is both professionally (from A) Assy Upper Management who proceed to imply as well as out & out tell me that my cafe is the problem for everything going wrong in the store and since I run it, it's my fault and B) gossipy high schoolers (who are figuratively & literally in bed with the AUM) who seem determine to run me down & look horrible in front of the staff. This is actually what the post yesterday was about but I felt it was too much) and personally. I completely shut down on Wednesday from a well timed email on the professional front & just had to leave. So I did.

Dude, I run a cafe. Should this be bothering me as much as it does. NO.

Yes, I'm well aware I should leave. But...I actually do love my job. I do a damn good job. For the most part, I love the company I work for. It's dealing with the nitwits I work with that brings me down

But I'm actually a bit better today (no crying!). I got flowers at work yesterday (awww. I love my mom) and then spent 2 hours on IM with the GBF last night. He made me laugh, got me hooked on (those crazy Russians), found me a bunch of new music - my new favourite song "Your Mangled Heart"(heh) is really great VERY LOUD (thought my neighbors seemed to disagree)- and generally entertained me with stories of his multiple boyfriends. Everyone should have a GBF!

And the sun was shinning today so I got up early (actually, not by choice but from a phone call from the AUM - apparently I can get blamed for everything but they still need to call me every weekend) & had a little extra money so I did what every self esteem deprived girl does - I went shopping. Of course, I'm not much a shopper. My girl card is soon to be revoked because I'm not a clothes whore, nor do I find joy in shoe shopping.. Mostly I just wandered through the shopping district & stopped at Lush, which was perfect. I love that place (yum, Ginger the loveliest sexiest scent ever. Of course, it's also the most expensive so I just got more soap instead of completely going overboard on the $60 perfume) and the folks are so nice. I spent a bit more than I wanted but it was worth it. Or it will be. Mmmm....

I managed to avoid the knitting shops & just bought some groceries. I didn't feel like going home so now I'm at a lovely outdoor cafe enjoying the last bit of sun (this being Oregon, it appears the sun was only for a little bit. Sigh). And I have some girly plans tonight so all is good. Ego still bruised but at least I'm feeling bit better.

On the knitting front, I've been hard at work at the Super Fabulous Soy Sweater. No pictures because honestly, it looks just like this but about twice as long. I'm hoping to finish it over the weekend, but we'll have to see. I was also hoping to get my KnitPicks order today but I don't think that's going to happen. Probably for the best because I may find myself starting Soleil which I think is what I'm going to do with the Shine Sport.

Oops there's the first raindrop. Time to head off.


  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger Rain said…

    That sounds really shitty. I hope things work out ok.

  • At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Sorry you had such a crappy week. I hope things get better for you at work!

    (mmmmm, enjoy your goodies. I LOVE Lush!)


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