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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Actual Knitting Content!

So what do you do when you are stuck in a house over a rainy day holiday with 3 kids under the age of 7, one BIL who is tired of being around a bunch of women, a pregnant sister who fights with said BIL and my mom? Not to mention a 3 hour bus/train ride in each direction?

You knit. And you even finish something.

First up. Odessa. Odessa kicked my ass. I frogged it back to the ribbing three times before finally giving up the stitch pattern and just did SS until the decreases where I followed the pattern again.

I really love the swirl. I just couldn't concentrate enough for the entire hat. The details:

Started: April 15 2006

Finished: April 16 2006

Yarn: Somehow I lost the label but it is this purty cotton/angora blend I picked up on sale at Ben Franklin. It's very soft.

Needles: Size 4 circ for the ribbing, Size 6 circ & dpt for the body

Would I make it again: Yes, and actually follow the pattern the entire way.

The only thing is it's bit big. I got gauge but it still it doesn't snugly fit on my huge head. But it's not that loose, so I still love it. It's not overly warm which is what I wanted because it's finally looking like spring here.

Also I learned I've been doing SSK stitches all wrong. Don't ask, it's really embarrassing what I was doing before. Also I figured out the correct way to do YOs, I was doing them very sloppily. (did I mention I'm kinda dumb sometimes?)

Next up - Stargazer Socks

Actually, I've done a lot more since I took this photo (I haven't been in a knit blogging kind of mood lately, if you haven't noticed), I'm about to turn the heel. I really should have taken another picture because I LOVE what the colour is doing - there's this great swirl of yellow (you can kinda see it on the right) that swirls around the top part & it looks awesome. So I'll have another FO in a couple of days to show it off. I love this yarn. I'm just following a typical sock pattern (mentioned in Knitting Rules! - which I love to bits. Yah for Yarn Harlot!), nothing fancy. I'm definitely getting this yarn again.

And last but not least, Soliel.

Wow, this picture really sucks. Well I put this temporary aside because it was cold & the desire for a cute tank went away. Plus I was traveling & it was a bit bulky to be carting around. But now the sun is out & I'm thinking "Hmm, I DO need a cute tank." I am going to finish it very soon, I'm nearly done with the body & about to start the armholes. Yah!

The SFSSS is on hold at the moment until I decide what to do. Do I make a low cut back (I tried it on and that's what it looked like or do I continue & hope I don't run out of yarn. Hmmmm. Still hate the ribbing, still hate the needles (I just can't seem to work with metal ones), still love the yarn.

That's it on the knitting side. Work is still sucking my will to live & I have some confusion in my personal life. But what else is new?


  • At 2:31 AM, Blogger Rain said…

    Your Odessa looks fab. You really have been cranking out the knitting recently. Cam't wait to see more.

  • At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Your Odessa looks great -- I want to try that pattern soon. And, I love your sock yarn --great colors! Can't wait to see your Stargazer and Soliel FOs!


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