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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Tell your God to ready for blood

Damn, I've missed this show. I finally got to watch the first episode of the new season, and this show is such poetry. Everything from the title on down, the dialoge is fantastic, the characters are engaging, the acting phenomenal. Can I say that as soon as it was over I watched it again? It's funny to try to convince people how much I love this doesn't sound like something I would be remotely into. But it's such a perfect example of how writing makes all the difference - I mean, I'm not a fan of westerns after all. There are so many layers to everything on it & I've seen every episode multiple times & there's still things I pick up and marvle at.

Probably my favourite scene of in ANY television show has the following dialogue:

"Past hope. Past kindness or consideration. Past justice. Past satisfaction. Past warmth or cold or comfort. Past love. But past surprise? What an endlessly unfolding tedium life would then become!"

It's from season 2, episode 6. Creepy & beautiful. And now, thanks to Turtlegirl, I have all the scripts. Although, oddly, I don't have season 2 at the moment, which is my favourite. I should just breakdown & buy it.

Just so there is some knitting content to tie into this, I'm kinda of obsessed with making something like Trixie's shawl, if you can see it in here. It's gorgeous:

I wish I had a better shot of it but damn, I love it. And I'm not much a shawl person.

Oh & I had to get a shot with Adams in it. Hee. Love him, but my boy needs a haircut this season. I had Al's line from Adams first episode running through my head. "You look like your mother f*cked a monkey" Hee.

Okay, enough Deadwood talk. Should I talk about Entourage instead? I'm still a season behind - just finished watch the 2nd season on dvd. I don't LOVE it like I do Deadwood but it's still entertaining.

I always find it kinda funny that I like the "guy" shows from HBO - give me Deadwood & Entourage over Six Feet Under & Sex In The City anyday. Don't know why.

Maybe it's Ari.Okay, for real more HBO talk.

I'm nearly done with the Parrot it a few more decreases on the toe & sewing it up. Yah! Next socks up is the Toe Up Dancing socks that will probably end up going to a friend of mine. The fact I'm not smoking is showing itself...I finished the second Parrot sock in half the time as the first. Mostly because I'm going out of my head (the less said about Sunday the better...let's just say I didn't leave my bed & read Harry Potter all between bouts of sobbing about how much my life sucks.) I'm doing better now...but it's still really hard, especially in the mornings. And, honestly, on my days off - such as today - my schedule is all messed up this week - at work I can get distracted but it's harder at home.

Still, I have faith. I will survive.

And will apparently have a lot more knitted items.


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