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Thursday, July 27, 2006


It's been HOT.

This is not new news to anyone in the country. We Oregonians are a delicate breed. We like rain & damp...or rather we're used to the rain & damp. But this heat...ugh. And I used to live in AZ! The past 5 days have been spent running around, trying to find any place with an air conditioner...and then never leaving. The nights were worst...I like sleeping in a cool room & when it's not cooling down past 80 degrees...which means 90 degrees in my means less sleep. Having a warm body (either the cat or the bf) next to me didn't help. I think I slept less than 10 hours all weekend.

Luckily CoffeeBoy works in a lovely air conditioned cafe (with free wi-fi, natch.) so I spent most of my non work hours here. I even knitted, because really, it's the only place I could comfortably knit because knitting at home was out of the question.

They look pretty orangy but they are the Toe Up Dancing Socks...nearly completed. I'm hoping to complete them today as I'm back at the coffeehouse since it's still getting pretty suffocating while I'm in the apt during the day. (but pleasant this morning...yah sleep!) Of course the person I'm making them for has completely disappeared off the face of the earth so I think these will be mine. Not a problem, they are comfy. Her loss.

And I want you all to know how I controlled myself this week...KnitPicks has a huge clearance sale going on and while I filled my basket up...I. Did. Not. Buy. A. Thing. Nope. Not even more Dancing yarn, not some Main line so I could make this for under $25, nothing. I was so very tempted...but then I had to remember that I have TONS of sock yarn, including more Dancing & I have at least two sweaters in the works. So I closed up the window before purchasing.

I even picked up the Leaf Edge Bolero again - I only have the back completed, now for the rest. I think I'm going to do the fronts first, even though for some reason, the instructions say that the sleeves should be next. But I'm afraid of running out of yarn & I can gauge it better with the sleeves...making them longer or shorter. I'm really anxious to finish it, my normal uniform at work is a tank or sleeveless top with a cardi over it & I really need something new. And blue! I still have yet to find anyone who has completed one...if any visitors come across one, I would like to see it.

Somehow my computer didn't like the heat because I'm having so many problems with it...or else the new version of Firefox is really buggy. Has anyone else had issues? Now it's back to annoying IE. Ugh.


  • At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Marisa said…

    You are better than I - I succumbed to the Main Line sale :)

    We're roasting in San Diego too, very unusual weather! Glad you found some A/C.

  • At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Ha! I was suckered in by the sale as well. And I bought 13 balls of Main Line to make the very same sweater you linked to!

    Good for you and your will-power though. ;-)

    The socks look great!

    Oh, and I've noticed some funky things with Firefox as well. What's up!?


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