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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sock P0rn

As promised:

Inspired by the coffeehousee & by Turtlegirl's (uh, I'm not a stalker I swear.) beautiful stash...I present my sock stash! It's not as impressive as some of the others I seen, but really, I've only been knitting socks for a couple of months - and only completed 4 pairs (5 if you count my first pair, which I don't)so it shouldn't be a surprise. But I love collecting sock yarn & I just imagine what I could do if I could actually have time to work on it.

So that's the entire thing, for the most part. Here it is all separated out

First up, my new Magic Stripes stash, gifted from my mom. Just got them yesterday - well except for the ball (that's leftover from the Haunted Socks) Granted it's not my favourite yarn, but it makes very durable socks and I have a fondness for it since my first completed pair of socks were made from it.
The colors are...Denim Stripe, Bright Spring Pattern (I think...I'm guessing from the photograph since I don't have the yarn in front of me) LumberJack Black, Brown/Blue Pattern, and the ball is Purple.

Next up is the better yarn, my more recent purchases - I have yet to buy super expensive yarn so we'll just call this better yarn. Unfortunately the picture is really washed out...Which is sad.

From left to right...SockCandy by BlueMoonFiber I think the colour is Sierra. The website doesn't show it either. On top of that is Wildfoote in Gunsmoke. Haven't decided what to do with either of these - they are not enough for full socks. Maybe some experimenting with toe up footies. Next are my KnitPicks yarns I recently purchased. Parade in Forest (probably going to do this with it) and Dancing in Jig - no longer available which is sad. I really enjoy this yarn. I should have bought more. Not sure which sock pattern I'll use for it but it will definitly be for me, since it's my favourite colours (green, if that wasn't obvious).

So that's it for the untouched stash. I have some leftovers too. Just the Opal Rainforest in Parrot. I enjoyed this yarn & anxious to get more - I really want Ladybug. But...I shouldn't buy any more at the moment. Next to that is KnitPicks again in Stargazer Lily - again not available any more. I loved this too, but I really should have re enforced the foot & heel because I'm afraid the socks are going to fall apart. Maybe I'll attempt some toeless socks with the remaining, I think there might be enough. But pure wool toeless socks? Does that even make sense?

And for the sad WIPs. Sad because (in two cases) I have a serious case of Second Sock Syndrome. From left to right - my Toe Up Dancing Sock in Swing. I finished it yesterday on the train & I loved it. But in this case, I'm annoyed at the person I was making it for so I don't have a great desire to finish it. Maybe I'll keep it for myself, I tried it on & it is quite comfy. Though the bind off is a little tight. Next to it is the I'm Not Smoking - Really sock I made several month ago. I used mostly Jaywalker as a pattern, as I think all sock knitters in the world have used. While I love the pattern, I made several errors - sloppy picked up stitches for the most part - so it's hard to get inspired to do the second. The third isn't even completed, it's the Boy Socks I started quite awhile ago. I'm using Lana Grossa Mulitringel. And while I still love the boy I'm making it for - GBF - his feet are so big it's taking FOREVER. It's making me a bit nuts.

So...what do I do but CO for a new pair:

Yep. Using the new red & black Magic Stripes yarn & a fun stitch pattern from my favourite sock book - Sensational Knitted Socks - I can't remember the name of it. Feathered Fan maybe? Anyway, it'll knit up quick. Or I hope it will. Maybe I'll complete this pair.

So I hope you enjoyed my version the Flash your Sock Stash. More to come...but hopefully not for awhile. Well hopefully because I'm super poor.


  • At 11:10 AM, Blogger mf said…

    It's a great stash!!

  • At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the greens and blues you have in the stash!


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