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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

10 things I did on my ocean holiday

  • 1. Stayed at a beach house 100 feet from the beach
  • 2. Had a huge bonfire on the beach in the dead of night.
  • 3. Drank way too much beer at the bonfire
  • 4. Bonded with the boyfriend's female friend by peeing in the oceaen with her (yes this was after item #3)
  • 5. Saw a huge group of seals all hanging out on the beach
  • 6. Took a tour of the Heceta Head Lighthouse, where I took this picture.
  • 7. Made friends with a huge rotweiller/mastif mix named Alvin - the sweetest dog I've ever met.
  • 8. Had lovely drive up the coast with the boy
  • 9. Ate fabulous clam chowder & freash fish & chips at Mo's - a place everyone should eat at on the coast even if it is touristy
  • 10.Sat on the beach by myself, drank a cup of coffee, watched the ocean, & thought about how perfect it was.

  • and #11 - knitted on the multiple hour drive...but didn't seem to make any progress.


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