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Monday, September 04, 2006


That's what this week has been like...although we haven't got quite back into fall yet. I was so excited this week, it was very cool out last Wednesday evening so I got to break out a scarf.

I don't think I've every taken a picture of this scarf - of if I have, I haven't posted it. Basically I made it sometime last year, using the Yo! Drop It! scarf pattern from Stitch N'Bitch Nation. I'm pretty sure the yarn is Tartelette from Knit One Crochet Too in the colorway Kaleidoscope. Very pretty & light, good for not too cold out days & nights. I've gotten away from using ribbon yarn - and especially novelty yarns - but I still love this scarf. Sadly the cool weather only lasted a day or two - now it's back to hot weather. I'm over the summer. Autumn is my favourite time of year - cool weather that's not too cold so I can wear my scarves.

I'm still knitting pretty slowly - I realized that it's partly the hot weather & partly the fact that I used to do most of my knitting watching movies. But since I've been watching most movies with the boy, I've put my knitting aside (when is the best time in the relationship to say "darling, I love cuddling with you but I want to knit"?). But thanks to the last episode of Deadwood (which I watched nearly bawling my eyes out the entire time) and starting up with Rome, I finally completed something. Well, half of something - just the first in the CoffeeHouse Socks. As always, I apologize for the washed out color in the picture. Anyway, it turned out lovely. Now it's on to the second sock. Hopefully (as it has in the past) the second sock will go quicker - since I've been working on these for oh probably 6 weeks. I've knit a bit more on the Bolero - in fact I'll be taking it with me tomorrow as look at the exciting place I get to go tomorrow.

Yep, that's jury duty. I hope for lots of knitting time


  • At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Autumn is my favorite time of year too. I'm jealous it's been cool enough for you to wear a scarf (even if it only lasted a day or two).

    The sock looks great!


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