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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So the "horrible stomach pains" I had last Saturday & Sunday were not horrible. The pain I was in on Monday was horrible. This was after a crappy morning where first I got a call at midnight from the store's alarm people, which woke me up after finally falling asleep, just to tell me that one of the other supervisors hadn't set the alarm correctly. But the guy on the phone cheerfully said "It's still set, we just wanted to let someone know!" (My reaction "And why are you calling ME when there are 2 managers you should be calling?") And then one of the other supervisors called at 6am - 2 hours before I was supose to be in - and wakes me up to tell me she had locked her keys in store & had no way of getting herself & my cafe staff in. And my number was the only one she had (we are friends, although I wasn't thinking friendly type thoughts at that point). So I throw on some clothes, brush my teeth & get down to the store 10 minutes before the cafe was to open. About 2 hours later, I w
as in some serious pain...knowing I had to go to the doctor. I tried to get a hold of the Coffeeboy without success & ended up taking the train & a bus to a clinic I've gone to in the past

It was nothing serious, btw I have had these before. I was in & out with a prescription. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I'm drinking a lot of cranberry juice. The very nice doctor told me what I already knew, that stress probably brought it on.'s time to destress! Ha! Actually, I really need to get back into my workouts & eating healthier, that will probably combat the stress in my life.

So I ended up staying home on Tuesday. I did feel quite a bit better Tuesday morning but since I was taking a personal day anyway, I decided to
relax. And I ended up destashing everything.

That, my friends (since you probably can't even see it), is 1.5 bags of clothes, .5 bag of hats & scarves I do not or will not ever wear, 1 bag of unfrogged sweaters that I will never get to because I don't like the yarn anymore, mixed horrible yarn I bought in my young naive knitter days, and 2 grocery bags full of old books I will never read. Oh and a bag of straight knitting needles that I hate. So it will be in the nice hands of Goodwill, provided I get down there to take it in. Don't worry, you are not missing out on much. Think acrylic, Wallmart type yarn, fun fur or fancy fur or whatever you call it - hairy yarn, and chenille that I hated. It ain't pretty. I probably could have sold some on eBay but it doesn't really seem worth it to me. I'll just donate & hope someone will get some use out of it. I feel a little sad, giving away my first sweater attempts but I truly hate them & the yarn I used for them. Plus they looked horrible on me. (Bulky yarn = not a good look for someone on the bulky side herself)

Then I organized my remaining good yarn. I tried putting all the same types together in ziplock bags or knit/purl & Lint bags & putting them into the green stackable container or the WIP basket by my chair. I kept a few straight needles (I had so many from a ebay auction, most of which were aluminum and very uncomfortable to work with. Plus, I don't really use straights anymore) and put them & all my knitting books & mags in a big canvas bag. Volia!
The green box doesn't sit there all the time, I just moved it to show it off. When the lighting is better (or I have a better camera), I'll take pictures of the actual yarn I own. And boy, do I own a lot of sock yarn. Not as many as some, but easily what I own the most of. That & Brown Sheep wool in bulky & worsted.

Otherwise, a pretty chill day. Knitted on the scarf (it's at about 40 inches -woo!), read, wandered down the Coffeehouse to get some sympathy & futz on the computer. I think I might order this from KnitPicks - since I'm seriously thinking that this will be my Christmas presents this year, at least for the women in my family. Well, just the washcloths probably - I highly doubt my sis or my mom or actually any of the women in my family would ever use the bath mitt or the eye mask - but I certainly will! And besides it's only $1.99. I figure that with some Lush-y stuff will make some nice gift baskets. And less stress on me than last year when I was scrambling to finish everything. Now I just have to think of some things for the kids.


  • At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Sorry about the tummy trouble -- hope things get less stressful soon!

    I've been thinking about getting that Knit Picks pattern -- I love those washcloths!


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