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Friday, October 06, 2006

new scarf

Finished my on the go project:

It's just a basic skinny seed stitch scarf. It turned out purty though
Here's a closer view:

Wow, check out my man hands. Heh. I realized this is the first scarf I've made in over a year. Wow.

Seed Stitch Scarf
Started: Sept 22
Completed: Oct 5
Pattern: My own - started with 4 rows of garter over 15 stitches. Then switched to knit 2, seed 11, knit 2, repeated until I got bored & was nearly out of yarn (it's about 75 inches). Then I ended with 4 more rows of garter.
Yarn: I cannot remember because my mom gave it to me well over a year ago. I think it was Berroco but there is no labels to be found
Needles: Size 7 circs
Will I make it again? : Probably not, although it was a nice on the go project. I could just whip it out when I was bored or had a few minutes to kill. It's just a little mind numbing to work on all the time.

It's been crazy the last week, with final prep on the house - unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to hurry it. Basically we're waiting on the keys & I'm waiting to hear if a friend of mine can take over my apt, so it's a bit nerve racking because of all the things we want to get done. I spent my day yesterday realizing I don't miss my car that much as I ran around looking for sheets for a bed the boy is the way, I've never bought a new bed before & boy is it weird. A bit uncomfortable, laying on all these beds in a showroom trying to see what we like in front of "friendly" salesguys watching us. But we will have a bed...whenever we get the darn keys. I'm going to spend an exciting Friday night packing up my books (easily 10 boxes) and hoping I'll be able to move them this week - more than likely but still I'm just a bit nervous.

Good weekend to all!


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