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Friday, November 24, 2006

Done & Done

The Dream In Color Scarf

Started: November 3
Completed November 23
Pattern: Mostly used a scarf pattern from Holiday Knits, but made it a bit thinner. Finished dimensions are 3 inches by 65 inches. I like skinny scarves.
Yarn: (Main Color) Dream In Color Superwash Handpainted yarn in Some Summer Sky (I think, it actually doesn't say on the band), 250yd hank with a small amount leftover. (Contrast Color) Wool of the Andes in Coal in a very small amount.
Needles - Size 8 circs
Will I make it again and other notes: Yes, I loved almost everything about this, the yarn is super soft & beautiful. I washed & blocked it yesterday before the Thanksgiving fun & can't stop wearing it. I think it's a good color on me, my eyes are probably my best feature & when I wear this, it really makes them a deeper blue. I got a lot of compliments at dinner last night. I loved the single row stripes technique from Holiday Knits (close up picture here) and it all just turned out really great It was kind of a mindless knit though - in some ways that's great, good traveling project but on the other hand, man did it feel like I was knitting it FOREVER. Also, a warning to anyone using this yarn - the dye rubs off on needles & hands - not too badly, really - but it does. I gave the scarf a vinegar rinse & my neck hasn't turned blue at all.

I also cast on for another washcloth - this time using a double strand of Shine & size 9 needles. It does seem much more durable. I love using the Watermelon cloth on my face but I hate that it stretches out so much. So this is another of my millions I want to do for holiday presents. Maybe I should keep a counter.

And I cast on for a scarf for the boy's college buddy with Knit Picks Swish & I am so loving this yarn. So soft & a joy to knit with - I'm actually thinking of ordering more for some other scarves, like a pink on for my 8 year old niece who loves skinny scarves. Anyway, the manly scarf is a bit wider (5 inches) and I'm using black & dark navy - a couple of single row stripes on the ends & big blocks of "color" on the rest of it (really, they both are so dark it's hard to call them colors - but that's what he wanted.) Another friend loved the Dream in Color scarf & asked if I would make her a scarf too - well she wanted to pay for one but please, I like knitting things for people if they really want one. So I'll be busy with them. But I really like having scarves to KiP - socks on my double points are too much & sweaters are too big & need patterns. This is just mindless knits on my 45 minute bus & train ride to work.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, that is)- mine was pretty insane. Family (and lots of drinking) on Wednesday night in Eugene (made worse by the traffic, which was expected & the horrid weather - now they are talking about snow! Crazy!) and huge potluck with friends on the actual day. Good times. Mostly.


  • At 8:55 PM, Anonymous knittingkitty said…

    Cool scarf! I love the black trim. Dream in color has a free hat pattern on their website now.


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