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Thursday, December 21, 2006

FOs & holiday shopping

Finished the SWS Fuzzy Feet!

The before picture:
After felting...and at the end of the day, so no daylight shot:
The Stats:
Fuzzy Feet
Started: December 14th
Completed December 20th
Pattern: Fuzzy Feet from Knitty
Yarn: Patons Soy Wool Stripes, Natural Plum
Needles: size 11 16inch circ, size 10.5 dbpt needles (because I couldn't find my 11's)
Notes: No major changes to the pattern. This was my first real felting it myself project (I made my mom felt these) and I was going to give them to the sister but I think I'll keep them for myself. (Merry Christmas to myself) I love wearing slippers and my sister not so much. I really enjoy this yarn, it's really soft & easy to knit with, I'd like to make other things for it. I'm not sure I really enjoy the felting process though - one ended up slightly bigger than the other, which is slightly annoying. I'm scared to felt them again...I've heard this stuff felts super fast.

So now they are drying on my feet. It'll be nice to have some other slippers to wear.

I spent the day shopping with the GBF, who was in town for a brief amount of time. Good to see him, I've missed him so much, this was the first time I've got to see him in months.

Went to the Holiday Fair downtown - the extention of the Saturday Market - found some great stuff.

First was some soap for the CoffeeBoy's mom, to go with her face cloths:
This soap is's made by a Portland company called Rileyville Soap Co (closest thing to a website I could find - it's the Saturday Market Page). It's so beautiful & smells wonderful (this particular one is Lavender Mint) I immediatly decided to buy them for all the family I'm making face cloths for:
From Left to right: the Lavender Mint one, Vanilla Pear (with the circles), Ginger Lime, Tea Tree & Peppermint and Green Tea Jasmine. The last one is mine...hey, I had to use to try it out! Love it. I know my family & I know they will NEVER use these ("It's too pretty!" is the answer I get everytime I find wonderful soaps) but I really hope they will at least try it.

Found a fun toy for Mina...who thinks it's the greatest thing ever:

Action shot! It's a kitty body pillow, stuffed with catnip from a company called Spoiled Cat - at least at the fair it is. Yes, she got it you think I would try to hide this someplace? Anyway...for all kitty lovers, check them out. Mina gives it her seal of approval.


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