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Thursday, December 14, 2006

It was a dark & stormy night

Indeed, it is dark & stormy in PDX tonight. A lot of city is without power...I luckily still have it! So on to some long delayed posting!

So I made myself a hat instead of Christmas gifts. Why? Because I do not have a lovely hat that keeps me warm. I have issues with all of the following:

(note, I hate blogger, I can't get my photos to work out right. Grrrr.)

Hat #1 I used the pattern from Stitch N' Bitch for Hot Head, using a some Lamb's Pride Bulky I dyed myself with Kool Aid. Very cute. Unfortunatly, I made it too short & it doesn't cover my ears so I end up with blue appendges on the side of head in very cold weather.

Hat #2 is the BIL hat I made for myself. Way too big but very warm. Unfortunatly, I have a sensitivity to mohair (I think) and my forehead break out. Plus, I look like a bigger dork than normal in it. So I rarely wear it outside of the house.

Hat #3 is not one I made, but from TWoP. It's adorable but too tight. And not very warm. And it poofs up at the top & makes me look like a conehead. So yeah, it mostly just gets worn by my huge stuffed bear.

The other two hats I own are MIA - the PDX hatter is (I hope) hidden in a box somewhere that I have yet to unearth (not warm enough for the very harsh winds we are having anyway) and my Cashmerino hat is too big on the brim so it falls off. Then there's the Semi-Odessa that just fits all weird.

So I made one myself that fits almost perfectly:

Yep, it's just like Mission Falls Hatter I made last week, only I used size 7 needles & cast on 72 stitches. I finished it in one day. In fact I finished it in the car when the boy & I went Christmas shopping the day after I started it. Very warm & soft, not irritating on the skin. I love it. In fact I kept showing it to everyone I know. Now I have more requests! Actually it was a good thing I did show it to everyone, because last Saturday after a few too many drinks (ugh, must stop doing that) I left it at the bar with my Fetchings. Luckily, a wonderful coworker spotted it & brought it in to me the next day. Yah for wonderful coworkers.

Other FOs...yep, more face cloths.

I'm a bit sick of them, to be honest. Only a few more to do! I've finished the ones I needed to do before Christmas though...I won't be seeing my family until after Christmas so I can put them off.

So I decide to start something with the Patons SWS.

Hee. I love the striping in the yarn and it's really great to work with it. I had hoped I'd get them done today but unlikely. I hope to get done with one by the end of the day, before I need to work on some other gifts.

Or maybe clean the house. Naw.

We did manage to get our first tree up:

I love it, even if it still only has generic ornaments on it. I need to find one really special one for us.

Now to finish those cards...I keep putting them off...among other things...


  • At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Your tree is so cute! Yay for your first Christmas in the house with the Boy!!

    I love the hat. I've yet to knit a hat for myself, and I need one. Badly. It's gettin' cold here!

    Can't wait to see the finished Fuzzy Feet! I love that color!


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