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Saturday, October 15, 2005


We have success! Yes, right now I am in posession of a completed sock! And, one that does not resemble something out of a Gaiman novel. Yes, the cuff is a little big, but still I completed one that is actually wearable. I'm so excited, I finally did something I could not do before & worried that would not be able to ever do.

*Happy Sigh*

Now I have to do another one exactly like it. Oh the stress of the second sock!

But I will not be detered. My sister admired my sock (I don't know if she was just being nice or if she really liked it) so she gets a pair Sock Candies. I'm going to make my B-I-L another set out of the Blue Mist Lion Yarn's Wool Ease I rescued from my mom's stash (literaly, we were driving the 3 big black bags to Value Village when I thought of it so we dug it out). I have some black & I might make the heel & toe in that, just to experiment. Look, it really is Socktober here!

So, okay day today. I am way more broke than I thought, I am so stupid with money. Argh. Did buy a few new clothes at Value Village - gawd, I hate coming over here, I just spend money like crazy. Today (and yesterday) I got:

A brand new jacket/coat/something to keep me warm. It's orange (no really), more of a burnt orange & courdory. Very cool clasps. It's huge, as all my jackets are (damn long arms, never fit in jackets in my size) which is kind of a pain & the lining is a bit ripped but it was $5. Can't complain. And guess this odd colour I've never worn before means? I need new scarves!

A lovely berry silk top, sleevless with nice beading on the colar. It's brand new, with tags. It was about $4. I wish it was a different colour, as mego has one similar in the same colour but oh well.

Some new workout gear - a new pair of yoga pants (which I have on - so comfy), a new sports bra/top, & a Skinny Puppy tshirt. Couldn't pass up the later, while I'm not the hugest SP fan, I do love their older stuff & it was an American Apparel shirt. Plus it was a buck.

Oh and some fun new shoes, black tennies with light brown decoration. (Can you tell I don't know how to describe clothing or shoes?) Super comfortable.

So all in all, good shopping. Too bad about the money thing...

And sadly, tonight is my last night here. While I miss Portland & my apt, it'll be difficult to leave this. I have to go back to real life now. And plus, no easy access to the internet or cable tv. (I gotta go the library & the gym, respectifly). But I should get back. Sigh.

Today I realized why I only have a cat. I made the mistake of offering to watch the 3 kids while my sister & mom went to the store. It was fine until the 10 month old woke up from his nap. He is a solomn kid who is a total mama's boy & while we got along when his mom was around, was not taken with me. He, of course, started to cry. And cry. And cry. Then the 3 year old was obsessed with playing with my not very amused cat, despite her hissing at him & me telling him she was "going to sleep so leave her the fuck alone." Perhaps I did not use those exact words. Then the neice (6), who was up until that time was nicely playing a game on the computer, decided she need to play a different one and wanted me to call her mom on the cell to find her games. This all happened pretty much at once. I had to have a calming ciggie (yes, I have been doing that again) when my sister finally came home. So I'll just stick with Mina for now. At least when she complains to me, I can either ignore her, feed her, or throw pillows at her head until she stops. That does not work with children.


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