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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Opals & Candy

So...I finally get my computer back & running & then the wireless goes down in my building. I imagine it's because of the construction going on (at night no less) on my street. It's really enjoyable. So I am now working at a free wifi cafe (not that Portland is short on them at all) down the street. It's not bad, and hey at least I get out of the house.

Still a bit annoying when I just want to look something up real quick & have to wait. I should just get a landline for this kind of problem but I really don't need one.

Anyway, I'm halfway done with the parrot socks!

Yup, finished one last night...and being the good girl I am, I immediately cast on for the second so I wouldn't lose the momentum. I love this yarn, it's so bright & pretty & I love the design. I'm just using a simple sock pattern for it. But I recently picked up Sensational Knitted Socks and I'm getting some great ideas for my next socks, with all the fun patterns.

And it could very well be with this yarn:

This would be Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy - I think it's call Sierra. Apparently it's difficult to find this stuff - I was talking one of the ladies at the shop & she said that they are phasing them out...which is different than I heard but there wasn't that much. I'm not a big fan of this store but I was wandering by & felt the call of buying something. I only could find one skein I liked so not enough for a full pair of socks. I probably just pick up a ball of solid sock yarn to complete it. I really enjoy this yarn - I made my first pair of socks (disaster, but whatever) out of it. I also bought some new needles if that wasn't obvious. I'm trying to get over my fear of small needles - the smallest I've ever used is 2.5US (I know!) so these are 1 US. Maybe someday I'll even get smaller.

I still haven't CO for the Green Gable yet. Maybe I truly am a sock knitter now.

***Personal Non-Knitting Content***
Otherwise my mind has been consumed by weird situations that keep popping up. My ex has started contacting me again & I'm unsure how to react. We were together like 5 years ago & since then he's been married & separated. He ended up calling me at work & I (foolishly) agreed to meet him tonight. Now I don't know. I know why I agreed & it isn't because I have feeling for him still. It's because (a) I'm lonely (sad but true). (b) my ego needs a boost. (c) I'm irritated at the person I really care about because he can't make up his damn mind about me and I'm tired of trying to convince him. None are very good reasons. I should probably just cancel. Argh.

When did my life get so complicated? It was fairly mundane until a couple of months ago and now...I just don't know.


  • At 3:21 AM, Blogger Rain said…

    It really isn't your week for computers, hope they fix it soon.

    The sock look fantastic.

    Hope it goes ok with your ex, remember if it's going badly you can get up and leave.

  • At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Love the sock! Hope everything with your ex went okay!

  • At 9:23 PM, Blogger Stacey said…

    Thanks guys. I sorta "forgot" to call the ex. Well, actually I forgot I was supose to call him. So it all worked out, I guess. :)


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