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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Coffeehouse Knitting

Maybe I should change my blog to CoffeeHouse Knitter - like the lovely Subway Knitter. I seem to spend most of my knitting time here.

So I present the start of the CoffeeHouse Sock
Yep, it's my huge stash of Magic Stripes I got from mom a couple of months ago. The colors just say CoffeeHouse (the actual the name of my favourite cafe - outside of my own - that the boy owns. Looking for good Stumptown coffee? Go to the corner of W Burnside & Trinity!). These will likely be the CoffeeBoy socks. Kinda sorta a don't think the sweater curse carries over to socks do you?

Heh, just looking over my archives & realized I wrote about the CoffeeBoy & the CoffeeHouse here - yep, he was the "nice barista".

Next week I'm going to visit mom, so that means lots of knitting time! I have a train ride, plus no plans for being home but relaxing. So I'm going to take home the Leaf Edge Bolero to work on. I've been so into knitting socks because they're so portable & since it's so hot (not as bad as a couple weeks back, but still really warm) it's just easier. But I'm dying to finish the Bolero - when I'm getting dressed, I keep thinking "man I wish I had a new cardi, especially in blue". So I really want to finish it!


  • At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Marisa said…

    Have a great trip - Can't wait to see your progress on the bolero!


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