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Friday, October 13, 2006

Let me tell you 'bout this week

Eeegads, what a week. To end up on Friday the 13 just fits. I'm glad I adore the boy so much that it makes this bearable - just a note, I do whine a lot on here and while this week sucked, I have been happier in my entire life since I started seeing CoffeeBoy. I just kind of only write about sucky stuff. So just warning, it's kind of a bitchy post.

Sunday (after pervious post)
Pack up a bunch more stuff.
Start to feel sniffily. Wasn't I just sick? Must be allergies.
Go to Coffeehouse, drink chai, start Jaywalkers.
Watch Amazing Race, utterly fantastic this year.

Work at 7am. Icky.
Barista calls at 10:30am (after I called her since she was supose to be in at 10) to say "oh you can just take me off the schedule. I don't want to work there anymore."
Furious. Who does this?
Now I have to cover her shift at 6:30am tomorrow instead of having a nice lie-in.
And no date with CB since he's not off until 10.
Realize allergy medicine is having no affect. Perhaps it is a cold?
Clean off shelves, pack up more stuff.

Open cafe, annoyed all day.
Worry because CB still hasn't signed house documents. Broker keeps saying "It'll be ready tomorrow"
Worry about my own housing situation as friend still hasn't found out if he can get into this apt.
Feel like head is full of cotton. Not pleasant.
Store manager unaware of how he pisses everyone off.
Many people at work confiding in me how bad morale is there. Unable to do anything about it. The mood in the store is similar to how it was a couple of months ago.
Trying not to get drawn into any store drama. I've got my own.

Wake up to go to work at 7am.
Sit for half hour but can't get rid of achy, cotton feeling so call in.
CB is off today, must get keys to house today.
Watch last night's Vernonica Mars
Take Nyquil since it's the only cold medicine I have.
Finish dishcloth - love it. Immediatly use it as a facecloth. Must make more.
(from KnittingKnonsense, using Sugar & Cream in LimeGreen. No changes to pattern.)
CB calls, not signing until tomorrow. Sigh. Okay, will just start move tomorrow.
Feel a little better, so go to dinner with CB.
Also sell some CDs, buy the older Teddy Thompson CD
(if CB & I were to have a "song", it would be "Tonight Will Be Fine" from the Leonard Cohen tribute/movie. It's the first movie we saw together & we loved it)
At dinner, decide a LemonDrop would be good.
Yeah, no. Stupid girl. Cold medicine & alcohal - dumb combination.
Can barely walk, feel stoned.
CB, because he is wonderful (not to mention, worried), gets a cab to take me home & puts me to bed.

Moving day! CB will sign & get keys today.
Go breakfast, wait for call from broker.
Look at furniture, wait for call.
Go to coffee, wait for call.
Make boy admire Jaywalker progress.
Wait for call.
Get some gellato. Still waiting for call.
Guess we will only move a couple things tonight.
Finally at 4, broker calls. Not signing until tomorrow.
So we go get drunk. Spectacularly.
Take over jukebox - listen to the following: Joni Mitchell, Def Leppard, White Zombie, Beck, Bob Dylan, Concrete Blonde, Pearl Jam, Muddy Waters, Bon Jovi, Flaming Lips, etc.
Eat bad (but oh so good) fried food.
Go home to bed at 9. It will be over tomorrow.

Work at 6:30am. Stressed out.
See I'm working next week on my usual day off & a 12 hour day.
Not pleased.
Busy morning, still sniffily. Everyone annoying me. Don't want to hear about drama.
Another barista puts in notice.
Call boy durring break, he's freaking out. Can't get a hold of broker & documents aren't at bank.
Don't know what to do. Try to calm him down.
Go back to work, try to get in better mood.
Call CB after work, no signing today. Not until at least Monday.
Feel disheartened.
Feel worried.
Feel sad.
CB is worse, depressed, plus I gave him cold.
Call mom, eye prognosis not good.
Crawl home & nap.

So yeah, pretty sucky. I mean, it will happen, the house, but it's frustrating right now. My apt looks like this at the moment:
Not much fun to come home to. I just want to get this over with & live with the boy in a cute little house & get it all decorated. Sigh. Patience is not one of my virtues.

But hey, how 'bout those Socktober Jaywalkers? Um, yeah...


  • At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Oh crap, that's just crazy about the broker! That would make me insane! I hope he gets his act together so CB can get everything signed and you can both get moved and settled soon.

    The sock does look fabulous though. I love the color!


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